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“FOLLOW THE MONEY” Series 4: Pentagon (Dept of Defense) $29-33 Trillion reported unaccounted for

EXCLUSIVE TRUthMAchine for American Digital News “FOLLOW THE MONEY” SERIES… and what a journey it is.   Loops, turnarounds, cul-de-sacs, expressways, dirt tracks, and detours…. This ongoing series will include (to name a few) the following sections: (1) U.S. contributions to the U.N. / International Aid (2) Paris Agreement COP 21 (3) Department of State, Hillary Clinton term – $6 Billion missing (4) Pentagon (Department of Defense) — $29-33 Trillion reported unaccounted for (5) Puerto Rico 2017 Aid (6) American Red Cross (7) $768 Million U.S. Humanitarian Aid to Al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula Headquarters (8) Illegal Immigrants Costs (9) Obama’s...

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Follow the Money: $21 Trillion Missing – Undocumentable Adjustments: DoD and HUD

The Pentagon and HUD can’t account for $21 trillion over just the past 17 years – enough money to pay back the current U.S. national debt. The amount unaccounted for over this period adds up to $65,000 for each man, woman and child resident in America. By comparison, the cost per taxpayer of all U.S. wars waged since 9/11 has been $7,500 per taxpayer. That sum is also larger than the current national debt. By: MR MAGA 🇺🇸 @DiagonalDoug A new report analyzing the budgets of both the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Housing and Urban...

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ADN Compilation: #TakeAKnee and the STADIUM WELFARE on the Taxpayers Dollar

#TakeAKnee Research compiled by Ann Rose Laurence for American Digital News. COLORS – AND – SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT V. POLITICS:: NFL is 72%; NBA is 74% – Black. Fan Bases IS 83% – White. September 24, 2017 — Dennis Michael Lynch “Take a Knee” poll: * I agree with Trump, and want him to continue speaking out against the NFL 72.52% * I agree with Trump, but want him to stop speaking out about the NFL. 25.37% * I disagree with Trump, it’s their right to kneel. Trump should move past this issue. 1.37% * I disagree with Trump, it’s...

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U.S. Pays $50 Million for Luxury Cars, Weapons, Booze to Mentor Afghan Intel Officers

            *** Posted on August 17, 2017 A foreign company hired by the U.S. government to mentor and train Afghan intelligence officers billed Uncle Sam for more than $50 million in luxury cars — including Porsches, an Aston Martin, and a Bentley — and the lucrative salaries of executives and their spouses (who didn’t do any work). The firm also spent $1,500 on alcohol and $42,000 on automatic weapons prohibited under the terms of the contract, according to figures provided by a U.S. Senator from a federal audit that has not been released to the public. It marks...

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