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Blog Post: IGNORING the EVILS of the PAST

IGNORING the EVILS of the PAST Blog Post Written by William LaSalle [1] Ignoring the evil of the past gave us the Democrat Hate Group, the EU, today’s Middle East, today’s Pope, and the United Nations. RamaDamn – when lunatic Muslims get to kill more Jews and Christians then they usually kill. The Treason of our Federal Agencies and Politicians is not 2,500 stories, it is only one story. Democrats and Liberals are criminally insane. The nations with Socialism, Communism, and Islamic Law have Dictators that work in the interest of the Dictator and not the people of the...

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A massive EU privacy rule could bring an unexpected benefit for US consumers

By:  Rob Pegoraro  August 2, 2017 A massive European Union regulation going into effect next May could deliver an unexpected benefit on the other side of the Atlantic: letting you take your data from social networks that today don’t let you download what you uploaded — then move it to another network. This “data portability” mandate is one of many key provisions in the EU’s upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, the product of a privacy-policy effort that began in 2012. And it’s also the one most likely to benefit you, even if you never cross the pond. Data portability...

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