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Facebook’s News Feature: Facial Recognition

Facebook’s News Feature: Facial Recognition The words “face recognition” can make some people feel uneasy, conjuring dystopian scenes from science fiction. Can someone use it to identify strangers on the street? Are institutions gathering mass databases of images that can be used to invade someone’s privacy or rights? As government and non-government agencies, companies and others use face recognition technology in new ways, people want to understand how their privacy is being protected and what choices they have over how this technology is used. This week Facebook announced their new, optional tools to help people better manage their identity on Facebook...

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ADN Compilation:  New IPhone X Possibilities, Ramifications, and Concerns

ADN Compilation:  New IPhone X Possibilities, Ramifications, and Concerns By:  Ami Tiel  9/15/17 The communication leader in the industry IPhone has gone to the next level.  The FACIAL RECOGNITION feature is sure to be a HIT and MISS with many as its abilities become its problems.  See the numerous articles below that extol virtues and bring faults to glaring forefront.  Technology as a friend or foe is the question we are faced with today.  And facial recognition is at the center of todays debate. *** With iPhone’s New FaceID, Cops Can Unlock Your Phone by Pointing at Your Face—While...

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New Software Fakes Video Of Former US President Barack Obama

by Tyler Durden    Jul 13, 2017 9:50 PM What will we do when the video clips we rely on for news are routinely and effortlessly faked – when it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate genuine statements from malicious imitations without a thorough investigation? Will you continue to believe every word uttered by US media organizations like CNN? Or will you slowly learn to question every piece of information you receive? We’ve reported in the past about studies showing how effortlessly even a novice hacker could learn to edit videos of people speaking to make it seem as if their...

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