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Preventing FALSE FLAGS: You have to know what to look for FIRST

Obama was the best gun salesman in history. These shooting set-ups go back to Columbine High School, Sandy Hook, and Aurora movie theater shooting. The Dylan Roof church shooting was a set-up. The Pulse Nightclub was set-up. The Texas church shooting was set-up as was the Las Vegas shooting. The most recent school shooting in Florida was set-up. The good thing is tons of information is being leaked to show how and why.

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ALERT: Several Mass Casualty Exercises AKA POTENTIAL FALSE FLAGS Scheduled

SEVERAL MASS CASUALTY EXERCISES AKA POTENTIAL FALSE FLAG SCHEDULED THIS MONTH!!!!!!! Several “Emergency Drills” are being staged this month from Houston to Dallas to Louisville, Kentucky. Including this on the Houston Scanner…. The Houston Fire Department Just Declared A Mass Casualty Incident After 22 Students Become Sick From An Unknown Substance At The Young Women’s Preparatory Academy Near Downtown Houston -Scanner… Volunteer Roles: “Victims” – (need to arrive at 5:30am for moulage) – victims will be moulaged, triaged (assigned degrees of urgency) “on scene,” transported by fire personnel to a waiting bus which will take victims to one of five participating...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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