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Inspector General Report Preview : Investigating the FBI White Hats FOIA

On January 12, 2017, the DoJ Inspector General announced his investigation. Part of his investigation is into the FBI Vault dump that occurred on October 30th, through November 1st 2016. A little over a week before the election. [1] By: TrumpSoldier‏ @DaveNYviii Clinton Campaign press secretary Brian Fallon reacted immediately. He is currently a CNN political contributor. Hours later Clinton surrogates in the media sprung into action with multiple outlets protesting the timing and the content of the release. Here is CNN’s reaction. FBI releases docs from 2001 Rich investigation days before election [2] Washington (CNN)The FBI on Tuesday —...

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OIG Report, PETER KADZIK, and FBI Vault

If I’m looking at things right, the Office of Inspector General report is going to stun the nation. This is going to be MASSIVE. And who is Peter Kadzik? By: Imperator_Rex‏ @Imperator_Rex3 On Jan 15th, 2018, Department of Justice Office of Inspector General Michael Horowitz will deliver approximately 1.2 million pages of documentation and evidence gathered in the year-long investigation into the politicization of the DOJ and FBI. POTUS may already have this report, given his tweets over the last 24 hours. Trump certainly knows about it. Even he seems shocked. Forget Watergate. Forget any scandal you have ever heard...

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