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BACK TO THE WELL: Did FBI Ask Oleg Deripsaska to Fund Steele Dossier?

Its speculation time, friends. You know, I was thinking about something last night after the John Solomon Reports article broke RE: Robert Mueller and Oleg Deripsaska. (rev 2) By: Mitch Rapp‏@shadowfax_82 [1] Did you read it? I’m sure you caught this line about the FBI asking Deripaska, in 2009, for assistance with a mission to rescue a retired FBI agent named, Robert Levinson. From the article: “Agents persuaded the aluminum industry magnate to underwrite the mission.”Not just any ole FBI agents, but one in particular that I thought was very interesting.”One agent who helped court Deripaska was Andrew McCabe,...

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What do Brennan, Estonia, GCHQ, Steele, Skirpal, FusionGPS, Nellie Ohr, Clinton, FBI, FISA,… have in common?

Russian Hoax It’d be nice if ONE reporter stopped focusing on Carter Page FISA and paid more attn to Paul Manafort FISA surveillance (due to lobbying) started 2014 but “stopped” early spring 2016 because THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE TO CONTINUE. Manafort lived in Trump Tower. By: ɭ๏ɭค💋‏ @DropTha_Mic25 [1] There was NO reason to continue surveilling Manafort and no information to renew the FISA on him. Coincidentally that’s the SAME exact time he started working on the Trump campaign. Either feds are lying (because it would prove Trump campaign was spied on) and it did continue… OR it did stop...

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U.S Gymnastics Report to FBI – Larry Nassar Sexual Abuse in 2015 – Investigation Starts Ten Months Later

This is horrible. U.S Gymnastics reached out to FBI about Larry Nassar sexual abuse in 2015, were given video evidence that disgusted them but somehow investigation didn’t start until May 2016. During that gap 40 girls were assaulted. Wonder what Comey and company were distracted with? By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏ @almostjingo [1] Oh that’s right, they were consumed with covering up felonies for the 150 former employees of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and getting their backup plan ready aka #RussiaGate Thank you for looking into this Sen. Chuck Grassley. [2] Sen. Chuck Grassley, please consider looking into why...

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Why is the FBI Slow Walking Documents Congress Requested?

6/22/2018 – Letter to Devin Nunes from Jill Tyson, the FBI’s Action Assistant Director of the Office of Congressional Affairs.   By: Techno Fog @Techno_Fog   A short, interesting letter – what has been produced to Congressional investigators, and how the FBI is slow-rolling document production. Starting out… On June 20, 2018, the FBI provided the “Woods file” for viewing. Per a former FBI official: this document all relevant information from the FBI agents working on the FISA cases. Also – the FBI will now provide its unredacted Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide for viewing. After months of resisting....

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Did Taxpayers Pay Mueller to Investigate a Crime the FBI Knew Did Not Exist?

On a previous day, I noted that there was a block of missing Strzok-Page texts between October 20, 2016 and October 24, 2016. According to the Grassley Memo, October 21st is the date that the FBI filed their first FISA warrant for Carter Page.   By: Lycaon @Cynacin   During this conversation, Strzok and Page were expressing their frustrations and disdain for Candidate Trump. The red line indicates where the newly released messages begin. October 20, 2016 10:57 AM       October 20, 2016 8:42 PM – The day before the first FISA warrant application on Carter Page:...

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