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Operation Dragon Uncovered?

I believe we’ve uncovered “Operation Dragon” By: Larry Beech ‏ @Larry_Beech [1] Contained within John Solomon Reports [2] bombshell a few weeks ago we learned there were as many as four FBI, Russia related investigations in the fall of 2016. One was Crossfire Hurricane and another mystery one was named “Dragon”.   So Solomon reveals there were at least two FISA’s sought in October, 2016. One was Crossfire Hurricane with Carter Page. The other was Dragon = ? So we need to look closer at this older but often forgotten article from the BBC right after Buzzfeed published the dossier....

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Swamp Draining, Patience Pills and Exceeding Expectations

The swamp is being drained. Taking down corruption at this unprecedented level is an incredibly complex task. And while the “patience pill” has been hard to swallow for almost all of us, we will look back mesmerized at what we just witnessed and how it was done will still exceed our expectations.

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Where’s John P Carlin and Why is it Important?

Where’s John P Carlin and Why is it Important? [1] Who is John P Carlin and where did he go? He is not a nobody! And look at the company he keeps. In this NYT article he was asked to review Hillary’s emails. Zoinks! Appointed by Obama and worked with Mueller. Got it!  [2] Then on September 27, after no mention anywhere of John P Carlin He announces his retirement. It will be on October 16 From that day of announcement to the day he left. Not a peep from the internet about John P Carlin. Then on December...

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FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse

Why did the Democrats really shut down the government? Because of the “FISA Memo”. “The Democrats really had no alternative. They had to force this government shutdown because of the highly radioactive “FISA Memo”. When that memo is released, it will take down the Democratic Party for good.  This thing is so BIG it will likely cause Deep State to collapse. There are now so many crimes and so much corruption to cover up that it’s impossible to hide it all.” — Veteran Political Analyst State of the Nation FISA Memo Compared to the unparalleled political fallout guaranteed with...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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