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FISAgate: The Democratic Party is finally over, Deep State in a free-fall collapse

Why did the Democrats really shut down the government? Because of the “FISA Memo”. “The Democrats really had no alternative. They had to force this government shutdown because of the highly radioactive “FISA Memo”. When that memo is released, it will take down the Democratic Party for good.  This thing is so BIG it will likely cause Deep State to collapse. There are now so many crimes and so much corruption to cover up that it’s impossible to hide it all.” — Veteran Political Analyst State of the Nation FISA Memo Compared to the unparalleled political fallout guaranteed with...

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US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) – About Queries and Warrants (or the lack thereof)

By: TrumpSoldier‏ @DaveNYviii December 7th, 2017 House Judiciary Committee FBI Oversight Hearing Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s Statement contained the following with regards to FISA Section 702. Full statement PDF [1] @TheLastRefuge2 pointed out yesterday that there is NO EVIDENCE that a warrant even exists. [2] FBI Director Wray explains there are situations that do not require a search warrant. It is these situations that Goodlatte referred to in his statement when he mentioned not hindering the FBI when it comes to NATIONAL SECURITY. (terrorism) About Queries and the FBI Database – Pay close attention to this exchange and the specific language used....

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