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Wagering on Tragedies: Elite’s Best Kept Secret – the FBCAN, SERCO, SES & Root Keys

WAGERING ON TRAGEDIES: Is the Elite’s Best Kept Secret the FEDERAL BRIDGE CERTIFICATION AUTHORITY NETWORK? And how SERCO, ARINC, APIS, Excstar, SITA, Federal PKI, the SES and Root Keys tied into it. Compilation by Jason Q Janiszewski (Additional commenters are in italics) The Main reason why I had to start with the FBCAN is because it was developed so that Blackmailers could track users, Pedophiles and Victims with a Specific Facial recognition software. It’s called Demon Face Recognition Software. It was Developed in 1978 when a company named Starnet Communications in Vancouver, Canada and one of the first SES...

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THE STORMS…..ARE HERE!!! By:  Vachel Lindsay  [1] A NEW SC (Special Council). This development heralds a brand new storm-front coming toward the Houses of Clinton & Obama.  But don’t forget that there are at least NINE other major storms swirling around the heads of these criminals. Feel free to add any I have omitted. Here’s my list.  [2]    Hillary Clinton ‘pay to play’ & Clinton Foundation. Agency: FBI. Location : Little Rock, Arkansas. Status: ongoing (started mid 2017)  [3] 2.  Uranium One / Hillary Clinton/ Clinton Foundation /Obama. Agency : DOJ. Location : Washington, DC. Status: ongoing (since...

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Q The Storm: Transcript to Awakening: Planned Parenthood and Fetal Tissue

Q – The Storm Planned Parenthood by:  LB #TRUTH  💥‏ @LaofVa   💥💥💥 Jan 7, 2018 Q THREAD Please read and share   2 in this new post (came in overnight), Q refers to IMRAN AWAN, a Pakistani IT staffer working for Deb Wasserman-Schultz and others in Congress. He is under court-ordered monitoring and travel restrictions. Airports: Dulles Intl., Reagan Natl., and smaller ones in the area 3 Check POTUS Twitter feed at @realDonaldTrump to see when he said “Whatever happened to this Pakistani guy….” What day was the POTUS tweet? Any related news around that same time? 4 Hussein = B....

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“FOLLOW THE MONEY” Series 3: Secr of State HRC missing $6Billion

EXCLUSIVE TRUthMAchine for American Digital News “FOLLOW THE MONEY” SERIES… and what a journey it is.   Loops, turnarounds, cul-de-sacs, expressways, dirt tracks, and detours…. This ongoing series will include (to name a few) the following sections: (1) U.S. contributions to the U.N. / International Aid (2) Paris Agreement COP 21 (3) Department of State, Hillary Clinton term – $6 Billion missing (4) Pentagon (Department of Defense) — $29-33 Trillion reported unaccounted for (5) Puerto Rico 2017 Aid (6) American Red Cross (7) $768 Million U.S. Humanitarian Aid to Al Qaeda’s Arabian Peninsula Headquarters (8) Illegal Immigrants Costs (9) Obama’s...

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Push to unseal the draft Whitewater indictment against Hillary Clinton gets court date

By: Teresa Welsh    September 20, 2017 Featured Image:  An appeal seeking documents related to Whitewater is due in court Friday. Patrick Semansky AP A federal appeals court will hear a case brought by Judicial Watch on Friday to make public draft indictments of Hillary Clinton from the Whitewater scandal in the 1990s. Judicial Watch, a conservative watchdog group that files Freedom of Information Act requests, wants copies of the documents that the National Archives and Records Administration has declined to release. It filed a FOIA request for the documents in March 2015 and in October 2015 the group sued for the 238...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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