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ADN Compilation: Hurricane Harvey Donations…from the Ordinary to the Celebrity

ADN Compilation: Hurricane Harvey Donations…from the Ordinary to the Celebrity By Ami Tiel  September 1, 2017 When a disaster hits our great States of America, the hatred and politics fall to the humanity and generosity of our fellow Americans.  The backs straighten, the hearts open and the resolve strengthens to help those affected.  The unselfish acts of the Louisiana Cajun Navy, Oathkeepers and others are testaments to this.  Patriots converged on stricken areas.  Droves of local hunters and fishermen hook up their boats, fill their gas cans and depart for unknown waters to provide life saving assistance in many cases...

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WATCH: Liberal Governor Praises Trump’s ‘Excellent’ Hurricane Response

8/29/17 The Democrat Governor of Louisiana thanked President Trump and other administration officials for their “excellent” response to Hurricane Harvey this week; praising the President for his leadership as the Gulf Coast recovers from the devastating storm. Governor John Bel Edwards was speaking on CNN when he was asked what sort of aide and support his state would need in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Continue reading at… Video Source –...

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ADN Compilation:  UPDATED 9/2/17 Hurricane Harvey and Weather Modification

ADN Compilation:  Hurricane Harvey and Weather Modification By Ami Tiel  8/30/17  UPDATED 9/2/17 Is it possible to adjust the weather?  What is cloud seeding and how much is TOO MUCH?  The science behind geoengineering our weather patterns is controversial at best.  The below links go back to Operation Popeye in Vietnam and up to Hurricane Harvey in Texas. ******************** Featured Image Source:  (Photo: www.publicdomainpictures.net) *** August 24, 2017 WTWA Seeding Report   Source – WTWMA *** August 13, 2017 WTWMA Seeding Report Source – WTWMA *** West Texas Weather Modification Association The West Texas Weather Modification Association is an...

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Cajun Navy and Oath Keepers – Rescues by Boat in Texas and Louisiana – Joined by La Dept of Wildlife & Fisheries

Feature Image Link from the FringeNews *** By Nancy Oakley , August 28, 2017 Rescues by boat in flooded communities continue in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. We have current information from Alex Oakes, Oath Keepers South East Regional Assistant Coordinator and Oath Keepers Mississippi Point of Contact. We will update the information here with changes and additions as they occur. Alex was on the ground dispatching the Cajun Navy and Oath Keepers rescue boats. The Cajun Navy is NOT pulling out of Texas. They did come under fire during attempted robberies. Continue reading at… Source – OathKeepers ***...

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ADN Compilation: Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Stories

ADN Compilation:  Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue Stories By Ami Tiel  8/30/17 Not to forget our 2 and 4 legged friends, here’s several animal rescues that will put a smile on your face at the happy outcome. ************     Tiele Dockens’ image “This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying a entire bag of dog food with him. LOL #refugee,” she (Tiele Docken) posted on Facebook. Dockens told weather.com that she was checking on family and friends’ properties when she spotted the ambitious pooch. “Otis was strolling the streets after the owner let him out. With his dog food of course,” she said. Otis was...

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