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Actual DACA Numbers?

The Joey Lowe‏ @JoeyaLowe – Question – Does anyone have a verifiable source to actual DACA numbers? I’m looking for numbers of immigrants that came here as children, are still children or have grown up and are now young adults that have spent the majority of their lives here. In my opinion, there should be an exception made for these immigrants. For example, if your family migrated here when you were 10 and now you’re 18-20, I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s best interest to repatriate that person. I guess what I’m saying is there should be exceptions made. I...

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CRIMINAL ALIEN GANG MEMBER REMOVAL ACT (HR3697) PASSES IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, NOW MOVING FORWARD TO THE SENATE CHAMBERS.  (See HR3697 in comments below.) JUST IN: House Overrules Dems And Passes Bill To Deport Gang Members By Warner Todd Huston    September 14, 2017 The Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act (HR 3697) passed in a 233-175 vote, and was backed largely by GOP lawmakers, and opposed by most Democrats. The legislation was introduced by Rep. Barbara Comstock. R-Va. >> The bill would require illegal aliens to be detained and deported if police can prove that they are members...

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The number of U.S. children raped by illegal aliens is mind blowing

by DML DAILY/ August 5, 2017 Written by DML The statistics listed at the bottom of this article will blow your mind. They reflect the amount of rape and sexual assault charges racked up by illegal aliens in the state of North Carolina over the past 12 months. What makes the statistics all the worse, is that the rapes and sexual assaults were acted out on young children. Next year will mark 10 years since I was first introduced to the problem of illegal immigration.  Let me say without hesitation, I believe it is one of the greatest issues...

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Registry of Motor Vehicle clerks busted for selling fake IDs to illegal aliens

By:  Marie Aubry  Aug 5,2017 Four Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) clerks and two co-conspirators have been arrested and charged with aggravated identity theft for selling fake IDs to illegal immigrants in exchange for cash. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the RMV workers are accused of selling and supplying authentic RMV documents – licenses and identification cards – to illegal immigrants in Boston, some of whom had histories of being deported “An investigation revealed that several Haymarket RMV clerks – Medina, Gracia, Jordan, and Brimage – were allegedly working with Brea, who acted as the document vendor, and Flako, who acted as the document dealer,...

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