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The Rothschild Family Financial Pyramid

The Rothschild Family Financial Pyramid By Christi Quinn West [1] đź’Ą Part 1 Let’s discuss the financial pyramid, that 90% of the worlds population is completely oblivious to, if your open to knowledge this will blow your mind. The Rothschild’s family wealth is estimated at 500 trillion dollars. They own the entire financial system. Here’s a break down of the pyramid. Be ready to have your mind BLOWN. đź’Ą Top of pyramid, 8000-8,500 people who literally run the entire world…. Rothschild being one of them, my inclination is that the House of Saud and Soros are the other 2...

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Are Rothschilds’ Next on Trump’s List??

Rothschilds’ Child’s Child is James Alefantis??? Our continuing research into Alefantis following our article yesterday had another breadcrumb dropped that was too important to miss connecting into the much discussed and theorized Rothschild family. This interesting comment was shared with us about James Alefantis and made us dig much deeper… “How can a high-school dropout who runs a mediocre pizza joint be listed as one of the most powerful men in all of Washington DC? So powerful that he has the entire high command of the DNC on his speed dial? So powerful that he has CNN doing damage control for him? He...

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BREAKING! Federal Judge Goes After Obama’s Crooked IRS Department!

Featured Photo Image:  U.S. District Court Judge Reggie B. Walton laid out six questions that the IRS must answer, including the employees’ names, why tea party groups were targeted for extra scrutiny and how the IRS has tried to prevent a repeat. (Associated Press/File) By Amy Moreno August 18, 2017 It’s on! The investigation into the targeting of Tea Party members by Obama’s IRS is back on. On Thursday, a federal judge ordered the names of the people who the agency says targeted Tea Party groups members. The judge then went on to say that the IRS must prove,...

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