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Are Israel and the US intertwined?

Are Israel and the US Intertwined?? Here is a list of dates on which there were important events related to Israel along with natural disasters affecting the United States.  Some disasters appear to be chalked up to “coincidence”.  While others may relate to God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel but curse those who slight Israel.  But whichever way you lean, the implication is that the U.S. and Israel are intertwined. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  Psalm 122:6  MAJOR EVENTS Relating to Israel’s Covenant Land and US natural disasters   October 30, 1991 : October 31, 1991 Madrid Peace Conference...

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Trump’s potential Jerusalem move of US Embassy faces chorus of opposition

President Trump faces chorus of opposition over potential US embassy move to Jerusalem THE WAIVER DEADLINE TO DELAY THE MOVE EXPIRED MONDAY NIGHT. Jerusalem is holy to three religions – Jewish, Christian, Muslim.  Jerusalem is a right in the middle of an ongoing conflict dated back centuries even though the UN attempted a resolution decades ago that wasn’t accepted by the Muslim religion.  Until the Jerusalem question is resolved, the smallest wrong move there could set off a religious war. For Jews, Jerusalem is where their Temple – the home of their one god – stood, in its various incarnations. For...

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BLOG Post: Keeping an Eye on Zion… (written by John White)

Keeping an Eye on Zion… Written by John White   Sept 21, 2017 A personal view of the Zionist question… This article is a little different from usual for me. I’m not writing this to highlight a particular event, but to give a general statement of position. (Don’t want to read a long note? Let me read it for you, and listen instead here:)   Video Source – YouTube I don’t tend to focus explicitly on Zionism in my writing very often, and in part, this article seeks to explain why, but I’m also going to give an overview of the...

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Israel Anti-Boycott Act: Making It a Crime to Support Palestinian Human Rights

Senate Bill 720: Making It a Crime to Support Palestinian Human Rights VIA – WASHINGTON REPORT ON MIDDLE EAST AFFAIRS — Telling the truth for more than 35 years By: James J. Zogby    September 4, 2017 It is fascinating to watch some U.S. senators tripping over themselves as they attempt to defend their support for or opposition to proposed legislation that would make it a federal crime to support the international campaign to Boycott, Divest, or Sanction (BDS) Israel for its continued occupation of Palestinian lands. What ties these officials up in knots are their efforts to square the circle of...

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