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Who’s Michael Sussman and Why is it Important?

Who’s Michael Sussman? and Why is it Important?  [1] Hello Michael Sussman Join the party! Yet Another former #DOJ working for @PerkinsCoieLLP DOJ Perkins Coie Something tells me you have something to do with the memo. Because you do have something to do with the Muh Russia. Don’t you?  [2]   Ah HA! You called Henry at #CROWDSTRIKE. Catch up on my crowdstrike thread here.  [3] By May Crowdstrike had the Muh Russia up and running. From Sussmann phone call that was quick. On April 5 2016 BEFORE DNC was suspected of being hacked. Sussmann Interviewed…[email protected]‘s own James Baker!  [4] OK April 5...

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How are James Baker, Bruce Ohr and John Carlin related to Fusion GPS?

On 4/25/16, there were two back-to-back meetings at the White House between FISA lawyers and FBI Counsel James Baker. It was hosted by Suhas Subramanyam. By: wakeywakey  🇺🇸‏ @ckadoodldooUS [1] The people invited are located on the WH visitor log website, found by searching “James Baker”: James Baker(FBI), Trisha B Anderson (FBI), Tashina Guahar( DOJ), John T Lynch (DOJ), John (Brad) Wiegmann (DOJ), Alan Rozenshtein (DOJ), Norman (Christopher) Hardee (DOJ), and Iris Lan (DOJ). James Baker has made prior visits to the WH, according to the log. There was a frequency spike in spring 2016, with his first group meeting...

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