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Qanon Dropping Evidence of Q’s Legitimacy?

Qanon dropping evidence of Q’s legitimacy. What say you Jack Posobiec ? Why did Xbox Live go down yesterday? By: libertyandjusticeforall @Mark923to25 [1] Correlate the time it went down with Q’s post re: Deep State communicating via Xbox Live chat rooms. The evidence is in plain sight.  If you continue to deny… … then we really have grounds to question whether you are the LARP that you say Qanon is. How much more proof is needed that Q is legit? Let me guess, the LARPS that post for Q must have hacked into Xbox live and took it offline...

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FISA is the Foundation

This is my Qanon thread for July 29, 2018.   By: Praying Medic ‏ @prayingmedic[1]   Many people have given up hope that corrupt government officials will ever be prosecuted. We’ve been programmed by years of experience to believe they’ve rigged the system in a way that will forever allow them to evade prosecution. There is no disappointment without expectation. Many of us have unrealistic expectations of what the prosecution of corruption looks like. We want arrests and we want them yesterday and until the crooks are in jail, we won’t be satisfied. The corruption in government is cleverly disguised...

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U.S Gymnastics Report to FBI – Larry Nassar Sexual Abuse in 2015 – Investigation Starts Ten Months Later

This is horrible. U.S Gymnastics reached out to FBI about Larry Nassar sexual abuse in 2015, were given video evidence that disgusted them but somehow investigation didn’t start until May 2016. During that gap 40 girls were assaulted. Wonder what Comey and company were distracted with? By: Rosie Perpetually Potentially Sensitive ‏ @almostjingo [1] Oh that’s right, they were consumed with covering up felonies for the 150 former employees of Hillary Clinton’s State Department and getting their backup plan ready aka #RussiaGate Thank you for looking into this Sen. Chuck Grassley. [2] Sen. Chuck Grassley, please consider looking into why...

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John Brennan’s Role in the FBI’s Trump-Russia Investigation

Readers of my blog know I’ve been discussing the role of (ex-) CIA Director John Brennan for some time now.   By: Jeff @ themarketswork‏ @themarketswork [1]   John Brennan’s Role in the FBI’s Trump-Russia Investigation In the summer of 2016, Robert Hannigan, head of Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with then-CIA Head John Brennan regarding alleged communication… [2] Brennan began to really attract my attention during his May 23, 2017 House Intelligence Committee Testimony. With hindsight, so very much came from his testimony. John Brennan Heads for the Exits CIA Director John Brennan...

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DOJ IG Thread – Clinton, Comey, Combetta, and Trump – Part 2

DOJ IG Report – Continued By: Ben Jammin 🇺🇸‏ @xBenJamminx   Obama didn’t know about his own scandals until he saw on the news. Comey didn’t know Anthony Weiner was married to Huma Abedin until the news. McCabe didn’t know of his wife’s $1,000,000 Fundraiser and donations until a year later, from the news. What an incompetent administration.     DOJ IG This was already known publicly but worth mentioning again. Paul Combetta (who received immunity) deleted SUBPOENAED emails after he had and “oh shit” moment. OBSTRUCTION.       WHOAAAA. I had never seen this part before. I don’t...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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