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My 2 Cents of Sense: Don’t Ever Wet Your Bed by James Hovda

My 2 Cents of Sense: DON’T EVER WET YOUR BED! Written by James Hovda — September 17, 2018 There is an old saying, ” If you are a Republican running for office, then your past must be impeccable, because your past determines your future’s intent. But if you are a Democrat running for office, then your past is forgotten, your present excused, and your future is irrelevant!” Hypocrisy and double standards seem to be common practice among the liberal Democrats. They seem so concerned about Republicans… who they are, where they come from, and their complete life history. Yet,...

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My 2 Cents of Sense: OPERATION “NEVER TRUMP” by James Hovda

My 2 Cents of Sense: OPERATION “NEVER TRUMP” (NYT Leaker) Written by James Hovda — Sept 7, 2018 There is someone who doesn’t belong in the Trump White House. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the ONLY two people elected to be in there… everyone else is appointed. It is hard to say who the “leaker” is within the Trump administration staff, but it is now obvious that this person is on a mission to subvert Trump’s agendas, spy upon his duties, and relay any impertinent information to the press, and anyone else interested in finding out what is...

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A PELOSI AMERICA: Blog by James Hovda

My 2 Cents of Sense: A PELOSI AMERICA Written by James Hovda Democrats have been somewhat silent about their plans should they win back Congress. Most, if not all, Democrats do believe that it is now in the bag to win back both the House and the Senate this November. Their reasoning is because there are so many who despise President Trump and his agendas. Up to now, the media has little to report on exactly what the Democrats plans are for America. But today, Nancy Pelosi began to unveil her ideals for America’s future under her and Chucky-boy...

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My 2 Cents of Sense: MAKE AMERICA MORAL AGAIN! Written by James Hovda Who determines what is right, and what is wrong? Is it the government’s job to make claim to morality? Is it within the educational departments? Our employer? Our parents? Our church? Who’s job is it then to tell you that your mind, character, or will is acting in a standard of right or wrong behavior? No matter where we are, there is a practice of etiquette in ethics set to what we are supposed to follow… not by law, but out of courtesy. As a few...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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