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BRITISH FIGHT meets the public: Q & A with the UK inside source

BRITISH FIGHT meets the public: Q & A with the UK inside source… Organized by John White : Jun 25 at 7:37pm British Fight became known to me from June 3rd 2018. I’ve been following his information since. Read all British Fight drops so far, from 0001 to 0039, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/578193219240544/permalink/592621274464405/ On 25th June 2018 the insider source Identity “British Fight” conducted a Q&A session. British Fight was speaking from a secure group location and his answers were relayed to questioners on the Public Facebook group “Aslan’s Army”. You can view the results here, as British Fight’s answers were...

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MESSAGE TO ASLAN: THERE ARE THOSE WHO DO NOT WISH US TO SPEAK…. Hello all. We are getting continuous reports of issues spreading British Fight‘s information, from all globalist platforms, Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube/Google. “It wont share” “The screen’s all blank” So I thought it time (with kindness) to bring a bucket of cold-water clarity to this situation, and share these thoughts: WAKE-UP! SPLOOOSH!!! These platforms are freedom, and patriotisms, ENEMY. Many of you know this. Many of you have suffered bans and restrictions and deletions and all sorts of abuses of your Article 19 Human Rights: simply for seeking to...

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Back Channel 17 and Suzie Dawson: Double Whammy Clown attack on Q-Anon?

Back Channel 17 and Suzie Dawson: Double Whammy Clown attack on Q-Anon? Written by: John White   May 30 at 10:30am   Julian Assange, Wikileaks and Q-Anon.Are claims real, or distraction? Recently both a regular Wikileaks contributor, Suzie Dawson, (quoted by the Wikileaks twitter account), and the Backchannel 17 Twitter account (now taken down, apparently by their own choice) have made fresh attempts to “debunk” Q-Anon, in the case of Dawson, or claim to be Julian Assange, in the case of Backchannel 17, both narratives that attack and undermine Q-Anon. It is unclear what Julian Assange’s position is on what...

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Tommy is in Trouble: How the UK State is Handling the Blowback.

International pressure seeing through the media spin recognizing the fundamental free society and human rights issue this is are helping both Tommy Robinson and the people of Britain enormously. The media deleted articles to comply with the government but our constant activism has broken their will. But what matters now is this means the issue is forced onto the political agenda.

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Alex and Jerome: Betrayers of Q-Anon and the Patriots – Links Provided

I’m going to tell you straight, right now, from the top. This article will NOT be kind to EITHER of these players.
I write it: not because I have axes to grind or vendettas to indulge: far from it:
I write this: because the actions of Jones and Corsi have made it NECESSARY.
But I want to reach out: to the STAFF of Infowars, some of whom I have personally interacted with, and whom I have no problem with. I don’t doubt anyone without evidence. To those staff, I say, I am NOT talking to you: and given what we are seeing unfold, I can’t imagine it’s a very pleasant situation to be in right now, to be tied to the fate of Alex Jones. This article is not an attack on the whole of Infowars: in fact, it is not an attack at all: but a required REFUTATION. These words are a precise and directed response, that Jones and Corsi themselves have made unavoidable.

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