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Alex and Jerome: Betrayers of Q-Anon and the Patriots – Links Provided

I’m going to tell you straight, right now, from the top. This article will NOT be kind to EITHER of these players.
I write it: not because I have axes to grind or vendettas to indulge: far from it:
I write this: because the actions of Jones and Corsi have made it NECESSARY.
But I want to reach out: to the STAFF of Infowars, some of whom I have personally interacted with, and whom I have no problem with. I don’t doubt anyone without evidence. To those staff, I say, I am NOT talking to you: and given what we are seeing unfold, I can’t imagine it’s a very pleasant situation to be in right now, to be tied to the fate of Alex Jones. This article is not an attack on the whole of Infowars: in fact, it is not an attack at all: but a required REFUTATION. These words are a precise and directed response, that Jones and Corsi themselves have made unavoidable.

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UK Government “NERVE AGENT” Claims unraveling by the hour

UK Government “NERVE AGENT” Claims unraveling by the hour By John White [1] Quiet climb down from “War with Russia” Hysteria. UK is now complying with Convention on Chemical Weapons. OPCW inspectors now in the country, Independent investigation underway. Since March 4th and the discovery of former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, foaming at the mouth and twitching on a bench in the English city of Salisbury, Britain has been gripped by mounting and alarmist hysteria pointing the finger at Russia: and Vladamir Putin. In highly charged scenes in Parliament on March 15th, Labour Leader Jeremy...

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The Skripal Saga: Observations from the edge…

The Skripal Saga: Observations from the edge… by: John White – A British Truthseeker’s perspective In the last 12 days, relations between the United Kingdom and the Russian Federation have nosed-dived into the floor.   Following the poisoning of spy Sergei Skirpal and his daughter Yulia, discovered on a bench in the town of Salisbury at 16:15 hours, Sunday 4th of March, throthing and twitching on a bench. This is now claimed to be an attempted assassination with a nerve agent: an action so botched that it’s also put 100’s of people at risk in the town and surrounding area,...

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OBAMA: Was He Great or Was He the Greatest Failure?

The Two Sides of the Obama Presidency: Was He Great or Was He the Greatest Failure? Twitter Mikel Jollett‏ Verified account @Mikel_JollettIt’s not a question of perfect. People can argue about that.  What can’t be argued is that he worked hard for people that weren’t like him. He hired very competent people in an attempt to solve problems.  This basic competency + good intentions is ABSENT in Trump WH. Nov 17 Eoin Thanksgivins  Verified account @EoinHiggins_Replying to @Mikel_Jollett One great thing about Jollett was that he wasn’t connected to reality. And the tweets he posted weren’t accurate. And he didn’t always...

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