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NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 3

“Soon thereafter, Marco Lopez became Carlos Slim’s “Senior Advisor” and “Senior Advisor” to Grupo Carso, Carlos Slim’s Mexican global business conglomerate.” By: Jeffrey Peterson‏@realJeffreyP [1], Deep Diver KAG‏@RyanOlah2 [2], and Frank Parlato Jr. [3] NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 1 NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 2 Just so we’re on the same page. The head of US Customs Border Protection is the same guy who is Senior Advisor to Carlos Slim and his global business conglomerate. And let’s just go even furthur…(how is that possible at this point?) “Lopez also serves as an advisor to...

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NXIVM and the Arizona Mafia – Part 1

NXIVM unlocks Worlds so let’s go beyond the headlines. By: Jeffrey Peterson‏ @realJeffreyP [1], Deep Diver KAG‏ @RyanOlah2 [2], and Frank Parlato Jr. [3] Deep Dive Who is the Arizona Mafia ? It’s bigger than you imagine. Just Days ago, “famed internet businessman Jeffery Peterson” contacted Frank Parlato Jr. and publicly came forward with claims against NXIVM that go beyond the localized activity in Albany, NY. Famed American Internet businessman Jeffrey Peterson, in hiding, says ‘Arizona Mafia,’ Carlos Salinas and NXIVM Mexico — out to kill him This story is reminiscent of when Catherine Oxenberg called to tell me her daughter...

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The NXIVM Cult

A criminal complaint charging Raniere, 57, with sex trafficking alleges that he made female followers have sex with him and do menial chores for masters. The women were reportedly forced to stay quiet about the arrangement or they would be publicly humiliated. “During the branding ceremonies, slaves were required to be fully naked, and the master would order one slave to film with the other held down the slave being branded,” the legal document states, according to CBS News.

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