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BLM CONTROVERSIES THIS LAST CENTURY TRUthMAchine Exclusive for American Digital News As we continue in the series on Bureau of Land Management and their overreaching of sovereign lands, we will touch on several controversies that have touched the lives of so many American citizens and property owners this century. Image Credit The Hugely Profitable Bureau of Land Management BLM…an unchecked out of control agency with far too much power and control of lands in the western United States. In fact, the BLM appears to be little more than hugely successful for-profit business wing of the Department of the Interior, masquerading...

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Foreign investment in U.S. farmland on the rise

By:  Johnathan Hettinger, Robert Holly, Jelter Meers, and Erin McKinstry, Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting  3 July 2017 In 2013, the Chinese firm Shuanghui received wide public attention when it purchased U.S. pork producer Smithfield Foods for a record $4.7 billion. In an overlooked part of the deal, Shuanghui also acquired more than 146,000 acres of farmland across the United States, worth more than $500 million, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data. The deal made Shuanghui, now the WH Group Limited, into one of the biggest foreign owners of U.S. agricultural land, according to an analysis of that...

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