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LAYERS: from Lisa Page to APACHE Software, Map Reducers, and MYRRIX

LAYERS: from Lisa Page to APACHE Software, Map Reducers, and MYRRIX By Jason Q Janiszewski on Aug 16, 2018 Ok this I really hope everyone does sit down and read it all. I actually rewrote it all so that it was perfectly legible for all of you to read and have. As you know. I don’t think like many people. I can just literally pick the most obscure things out and just keep em for a rainy day. There were some terms that POTUS and Q have used. Layer Apache Mirror GOOG(google) Learn how to read a map MOS...

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Scott Schools Provided all Evidence to Horowitz re: Clinton Email

Scott Schools provided all evidence to Horowitz re: Clinton Email he’s also deeply tied to some real jerks.   By: Rosie Memos‏ @almostjingo   Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Bradley Weinsheimer to Replace Departing Associate Deputy Attorney General Scott Schools Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he will be appointing Bradley Weinsheimer as Acting Associate Deputy Attorney General for the U.S. Department of Justice. [1] This is a pretty big deal actually. Scott Schools authorized Mueller. Schools also provided Strzok/Page texts to Robert Storch on Horowitz team. He also spoke with attorneys for Strzok and Page. Appointed by Yates...

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There’s Growing Evidence that 302s were Edited and Changed

IMPORTANT- At the IG Hearing on Tuesday one clip that received a lot of attention came from Representative Mark Meadows By: Falco @Nick_Falco   He said “There’s growing evidence that 302s were edited & changed to either not prosecute OR to prosecute” Horowitz has received referrals and is investigating Sorry, your browser doesn’t support embedded videos     FLASHBACK- I wrote a thread in April re this batch of texts. Thanks to @JohnWHuber for help on this. It’s my opinion that the texts include a possible smoking gun of a plan to entrap General Flynn and a specific conspiracy...

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A Timeline of the “Trump-Russia” Fiasco and the Parallel Construction that Ensued

I like to write timelines because they provide historical context in our analysis and interpretation of events. This is a timeline of the “Trump-Russia” fiasco and the parallel construction that ensued.   By: Lycaon @Cynacin   Each historical point will be denoted in the format “T/ Month, Day Year -“ T/ March 23, 2015 – Hillary Clinton discusses the “Pied Piper Strategy” with her campaign staff and indicates their plans to elevate Donald Trump. T/ July 26, 2015 – Trump alleges during an interview on CNN that “What Hillary Clinton did was criminal” [referring to her email server] and...

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