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Six Degrees from Strzok/Page Texts to Orlando Pulse Shooter

I would like to extend sincere appreciation to Justice OIG for steps like these. And thanks to the folks carrying out needed Corrective Actions! By: CPageSmarterThanBrennan @2xwide_dreaming     With that in mind, I’d like to point out an interesting portion of the Strzok/Page texts that no one seems to have picked up on yet. “We’re going to be dealing with this HVE for the next year.” P: “The guy in Tampa?” #HVE   HVE = Homegrown Violent Extremist It isn’t surprising to see “HVE” within the texts, as Strzok was a part of FBI Counterterrorism. We don’t hear...

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TarmacGate was About Bill Clinton, NOT Hillary

James Comey already had Hillary’s EmailGate ‘fix’ Covered. More important to now remove the immediate threat of treason for Bill Clinton. Who are John W. Ashe and Ng Lap Seng. Why you should know and what they had to do with President Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch’s June 27th, 2016 Tarmac meeting.   Research compiled by TRuthMAchinE   John Ashe. former President of the United Nations General Assembly, was found dead in his home from an alleged “barbell accident” that occurred on Wednesday, June 22, 2016. Ashe conveniently died days before he was set to testify against President Bill...

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The Significance of June 27, 2016: Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Date

Too many coincidences all tied together that day, yet journalists still fail to tie them together. By: Larry Beech‏ @Larry_Beech [1]   Let’s start with Friday June 24, 2016. John Podesta meets with Claire McCombs (Chief of Staff to White House counsel) at the White House at 2pm. At the exact same moment, Obama is at Stanford with Mark Zuckerberg. That same day (June 24th), Podesta schedules another appointment for Monday June 27th. That appointment also included Robby Mook and Thomas Donolin and was scheduled to meet at the Vice Presidents residence.   So on Monday June 27, 2016, John...

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Is FBI/DoJ Hiding Obama Authorized Trump Team Surveillance??

I think I may have discovered what the DOJ & FBI are desperately trying to hide. It was POTUS Obama himself who authorized the use of surveillance on Team Trump. By: REX @_VachelLindsay_ Worse: The surveillance may have been conducted by UK intelligence – and then fed back to Obama’s IC thugs, for unmasking in the US. Let me explain. Here’s the thing. An American POTUS can LEGALLY authorize electronic surveillance ‘without a court order…to acquire foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year’. Yes, it’s true. Obama had legal authorization to by-pass the normal court vetting...

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