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Q: The Panic of the MSM

Q: The Panic of the MSM Shared by Ryan Anthony Morgan [1] ▶Anonymous 08/01/18 (Wed) 20:27:49 MAINSTREAM NEWS IS FABRICATING STORIES ABOUT QANON HERE IS A FACT BASED Q & A ABOUT THE QANON MOVEMENT Q WE DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE, SUBVERSION OR CONTROL OVER OTHERS. What goes on in the Qresearch thread on 8chan? This thread has become the epicenter of the INFORMATION WAR which has been raging for decades. Research has been going long before this board but the last 9 months has been where it has really ramped up. Who is there? REAL ANONS, Q, BOARD...

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This is a special infographic post concerning many of the topics that those informed are well aware of but many that follow main stream media (MSM) may not be.  This post contains more red-pills that most can swallow in one sitting but that’s ok. Be looking out for more in this informative series: Did You Know… What Is… Are You Aware…

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IVth Generation Warfare: Social Media and MEME Wars of 2016-2018

IVth Generation Warfare: Social Media and MEME Wars of 2016-2018 Written by Peter Huxley Twitter and Facebook are going to be historically recognized as the first examples of open-source, IVth Generation Warfare tools. IVth Gen. Warfare is an admixture of warfare and politics, with blurred distinctions between citizen and soldier, ‘civil’ and ‘trans-national’ warfare, and no physical ‘battle front’. It is ‘Information War’ Twitter serves a different function in the info-war than Facebook. This is obvious, as it operates differently, but since both platforms have been re-purposed and weaponized, it’s interesting to compare them. Facebook is focused on more...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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