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The Matrix Deciphered: Psychic Warfare by Dr. Robert Duncan

This is a two year investigative report uncovering the United States mind control human experimentation and torture programs. “..if I can perform three miracles: expose your long history of crimes against humanity, find defenses against the weapon, and help usher in a new scientific era, I would be a Saint.” by Dr. Robert Duncan.

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DREAM Institute by Barefoot Cavalry

DREAM Institute Posted on July 4, 2018 by yojack454 This post will show that the banking interests of Europe which ran the Royal Families were politically maneuvering on the world stage. For all practical purposes, we can look at the elites as THE BANK. British masters were running the fascists and communists, pitting factions against one another. In the end – it was a #WalkAway movement of the REDS in America that started the hunt by the political right where the right could be painted as Nazis and the left as communists. It took the left 70 years to...

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HoggWashed – OPERATION EAGLE EYE: Code Name for the 2018 Valentine’s Day Massacre

The Parkland false flag shooting is just one small piece of a massive, covert and ongoing enterprise to abolish the Second Amendment.  This extremely dangerous network of terrorist cells is run under the rubric of Operation Gladio C, “a super-secret enterprise and organizational derivative of NATO’s “Operation Gladio”.   

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SOTN: Operation Gladio C part 2

This is part 2.  To view part 1, go HERE. [1] ************** OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools Continued Posted on February 18, 2018 by State of the Nation   “FISA Memo” Crimes Demand the Immediate Dismantling of the FBI [2] Before the Clintons, of course, there was the Bush Crime Syndicate.  The Bush’s Cocaine smuggling operation at Arkansas’ Mena Airport (while Clinton was AR governor) as well as the Savings and Loan scandal under President George H.W. Bush (his son Neil was sued by the FDIC) are just 2 examples of the deeply entrenched criminality at...

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SOTN: Operation Gladio C part 1

OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools Posted on February 18, 2018 by State of the Nation How the CIA’s MKUltra Mind Control Program Creates ‘Mass Shooters’ and Turns ‘Lone Gunmen’ Into Patsies *This exposé contains privileged information submitted by a former U.S. Intelligence Agency insider. SOTN is quite appreciative of all the info/data submitted to us from former intel agents, government insiders, military officers, agency whistleblowers, investigative journalists, armchair detectives, deep researchers and many other patriots. Thank you! The United States of America has been under relentless terror attacks by foreign and domestic agents of the New World...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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