The Dangers of ‘Made in China’

Generic blood pressure pills made by Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceuticals in China contained NMDA, considered a possible carcinogen. By: Rising serpent‏ @rising_serpent  [1] FDA is testing all drugs in that class to see if they contain the toxic chemical. Who holds the Chinese company responsible? FDA is testing all valsartan heart drugs for a cancer link in probe – STAT The move is part of an investigation into an impurity known as NDMA, found last month in generic valsartan blood pressure pills made by Zhejiang Huahai.  [2] The FDA inspects only a small number of the Chinese companies that manufacture U.S....

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McConnell Cancels August Recess – No Trump “Recess Appointments”

Don’t be fooled. Mitch McConnell [Senate Majority Leader] canceling the August Recess has *nothing* to do with supporting President Trump. By: TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2 McConnell Statement on Cancelling the August Recess Republican Leader [1] Mitch McConnell is simply trying, yet again, to avoid allowing President Donald Trump from making “recess appointments”. …. and simultaneously retaining leverage against the Office of the President for McConnell’s own agenda. Remember, last year Senator McConnell used a parliamentary maneuver to block President Trump from making recess appointments. Senate blocks Trump from making recess appointments over break The Senate blocked President Trump from being able...

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Canadians Deserve Better Than This

Canadians deserve better than this: By: TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2 Canadians are nowhere near as obtuse as Justin Trudeau would have you believe them to be. Everyone can tell the difference between: the importance of protecting a steel and aluminum industry as a national security objective, and placing targeted tariffs therein upon nations who use their trade position as a pass-through for foreign dumping -vs-calling Canadian’s, as a nation, a national security threat. Justin from Canada is simply playing politics with his national economy. He has no choice. The facets of Canadian exploitation of NAFTA, as a domestic economic strategy vis-a-vis...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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