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Q Anon Post for 4/22/18 Breakdown

Q Anon Post for 4/22/18 Breakdown written by: [intheMatrixxx] @intheMatrixxx [1] This will be my THREAD for all QanonPosts for Sunday, April 22, 2018. Civilization Jihadist, Salon article Michelle Bachmann “Witch Hunt”, MB Connections and More! Check back for updates! Let’s Go! QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1235 Huma Abedin’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood [2] Good article. Don’t forget about Huma. AWAN. VJ. ……… FBI. America for sale. Betrayal. Treason. No name. Inside out destruction. SA. SA. SA. HUMA & Hussein.  [3] Who paid? SA [vital]. Q    QAlert 4/22/18 Post 1236  [4] OHHHHH!! This is one of the reasons why POTUS keeps bringing up...

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How Extensive is BRENNAN / DEEP STATE Corruption??

How Extensive is BRENNAN / DEEP STATE Corruption?? Powers and Brennan Could Face a FEDERAL Investigation Over Threats Against Trump Obama’s former CIA Director John Brennan and his former U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power both tweeted out ominous threats at Trump after the firing of disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. The question now is what does Brennan know? And where did he get the information that allows him to confidently threaten a sitting president with “disgrace” and a place “in the dustbin of history?” Brennan’s tweet took on an even more ominous tone after Power later tag-teamed it...

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Cody Shearer Memo and Christopher Steele Dossier: Connections to the Clinton Machine

The Cody Shearer Memo and The Christopher Steele Dossier: Winer, Steele, Blumenthal, Kerry, Shearer Connection to the Clinton Machine ************* Rising Serpent Feb 8, 2018 [1] Johnathan Winer-Christopher Steele-Sidney Blumenthal-Sen John Kerry-Cody Shearer connection.          Johnathan Winer: “I returned to the State Department at the request of Secretary of State John F. Kerry, whom I had previously served as Senate counsel. Over the years, [Christopher] Steele and I had discussed many matters relating to Russia” “Over the next two years, I shared more than 100 of Steele’s reports with the Russia experts at the State Department,...

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McCabe “Ought to be Replaced” Top Sen Judiciary Chairman states

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe ‘Ought To Be Replaced,’ Says Top Senate Republican Chuck Glassley Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley is calling on FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to be replaced.  McCabe testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday after Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley demanded his resignation.    “He oughta be replaced. And I’ve said that before and I’ve said it to people who can do it,” Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, a Republican from Iowa, told reporters the day before McCabe went before the House panel. But Grassley said of McCabe that “Trump ought...

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REPORT: Top Democrats Are Dragging Their Feet To Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks

BY: Adam Kredo     July 20, 2017 4:50 pm Democrats have finally found an investigation they have no interest in pursuing aggressively. Naturally, their actions are all about protecting the Obama administration. The Washington Free Beacon reported: Top Dems Slow Rolling Ethics Probe to Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks Democratic congressional leaders on the House Ethics Committee are charged with intentionally dragging out an investigation into Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes in what multiple sources described as an attempt to influence the Intelligence Committee’s sensitive Russia probe and promote their own political careers, according to multiple sources who spoke to...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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