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Was Hawaii Missile Alert More Than Human Error?

Ok, I’m just a lady from Texas but here is why Hawaii happened and the motive behind it! The EAS system has no cancellation feature. There is good reason for this. It was and is a direct unfiltered communication of POTUS (President Trump) to the people directly. No cancellation for that reason.   By: (Jamie)J.A.L.F.T @jametteriley   This stunt was no accident and the fact that news outlets where there at the time is also no accident. This incident is a FF to get the ability to put in a cancellation feature to interrupt Potus communication to the public....

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CIA – Operation Mockingbird

“The case of the two newspaper reporters is MOCKINGBIRD” Released under the John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection. Case #: NW 53310 Date: 06-14-2017 [1] By: α Leonis‏ @Cynecin Same document, page 4: List of code words used. Same document, page 5: List of code words used (continued). MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Secretary, CIA Management Committee 5/16/1973 SUBJECT “Family Jewels” P. 21 [2] Same document – Page 21 (Continued) Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library Documents declassified Oct-Dec 2010 Page 4 [3] Same document – Page 5 Office of the Inspector General – Report September 2016 “A Review of the FBI’s Impersonation...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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