A Corrupted iCon, CYBER OMNISCIENCE, Deep Artificial Neural Networks

Post Gathered by Carol Ray / Michael Nunnally (Sir_Templar) 8/5/17 ******* A Corrupted iCon: A Life Lost in 2035 Walking briskly from the Global Neuroware Kiosk, Eve smiled up at the warm sun and excitedly inhaled the precisely maintained 72.1°F fresh Montana air. Eve loved the temperature her conurbation had almost unanimously chosen during the winter climate balloting. She quickly blinked her eyes to the upper left quadrant of her vision grid to signal her iNeu implant that she wanted to establish connection with her boyfriend. She had big news to tell. “Hello?,” came an inquisitive voice over Eve’s...

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Cashless, Wireless are really synonymous.

By Michael Nunnally (Sir_Templar) on 7/25/17 Cashless will mean that transactions, deposits, billing, EMR/EHR (HEALTH Records) will be available instantly and electronically. In the past, there was one problem with these chips regarding Transponders powerful enough to communicate cellular towers, but using localized repeaters may have resolved this issue. Cashless/Wireless are really synonymous… ****************** HUGE U.S. Biz Just Became First To Require Microchip Implants In EVERY Employee – Do You Support It? If you’re someone who is concerned with your safety, privacy or even just generally believe the bible, you’re going to want to pay attention to this. The...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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