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HAITI: Laundering of Tons of Money while Trafficking – Drugs, Guns, Sex, Organs and Humans

Haiti officials and elites have been making headlines for years when it comes to drug trafficking, but what happens when $10 billion dollars becomes a bit of a problem?  How do you launder and conceal $10 billion dollars without drawing attention, especially when investments in the Caribbean Islands and Central America have already been saturated by drug money?What makes an already bad situation worse? The impact the drug traffickers have on the people of Haiti is absolutely dire. 

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SuperBowl of Sex Trafficking: The Darker Side of SuperBowl Weekend

“Super Bowl of Sex Trafficking.” What lies beyond the public eye on the darker side of Super Bowl weekend. Tomorrow is one of the biggest days every year that leads to the most egregious of all crimes that can happen within our borders.  We are talking about the Super Bowl and the many hundreds and thousands of victims of the sex trafficking activities that always surround these large capacity type events. Local and state authorities have dozens of agencies gearing up to bust criminal networks and rescue sex trafficking victims tomorrow. Minneapolis police stated they are working with 23 law enforcement agencies on...

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First Family by Dr. Barry L. Wingard PhD


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