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40K foot view of the Elite Players involved in the “Lil” town of Tucson, Arizona CEMEX’s property

40K foot view of the Elite Players involved in the  “Lil” town of Tucson, Arizona CEMEX’s property Thread by Elemi Fuentes Let’s talk CEMEX The following work is not just mine, but a compilation of: @CoreysDigs @ScottAnthonyUSA @RebelPilled @NCDM18 @SolAdentro @cornholio74 @Patriot_17 @412Anon87 @MissRepresentU @The_War_Economy @WenjaminBalton & countless other anons that are doing research. The story took off last night, but apparently has been going on for a couple of days. The group that called themselves ‘VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski’ , VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski VOP Alpha Co – Team Pulaski. 23,540 likes · 49,791...

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International Smuggling of Radiological Materials: Soros, Strzok, Mueller, and more

Russia, Frank Guistra, Uranium One, UrAsia, Tenex, Rosatom, Atomflot, Mammoet, Strzok, Mueller, Soros links to international smuggling of Radiological materials. By: α Leonis‏ @Cynecin   After the fall of the Soviet Union, radiological materials were being smuggled heavily out of Russia and into neighboring nations, including those hostile to the United States. I plotted all of the (reported) incidents on Google Maps. [1] Russia is poor, the average citizen makes the equivalent of $437 USD per month. Organized crime runs rampant and is allowed by the Kremlin as long as they pay patronage (bribes) to Putin. US Diplomats have described...

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Foundations, Loopholes and Tax Havens Oh My!!

 Foundations, Loopholes and Tax Havens have become the Elite’s way of avoiding tax liability but is it at the detriment of the American people? The wealthy have tucked billions into private nonprofits—where the IRS can’t touch it. Americans deserve genuine tax relief and reform and while Congress is scrambling to find ways to pay for its tax cut, perhaps it should pay closer attention to the elite’s use of foundations and tax havens.  Last month, George Soros  transferred $18 billion of his fortune to The Open Society Foundation – a private charity that he controls. There it will be sheltered...

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Soros Hedges His Living Legacy

TRUthMAchine Exclusive for American Digital News Soros Transfers $18 BILLION To His Open Society Foundations Inside Philanthropy reported last year that left-wing financier George Soros, who built one of the world’s largest fortunes through a famous series of trades, and who has said that he considers himself to be “some kind of god,” began laying the groundwork for the foundation to continue his mission after he dies.  Yesterday he transferred $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations, the network of non-profits he uses to advance his ideology both in the United States and worldwide.  Perched atop the vast operation that is...

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Beware, Beware the 5th of November, and the 4th, and October 22nd…

disrupt (dĭs-rŭptˈ) To throw into confusion or disorder To interrupt or impede the progress, movement, or procedure of To break or burst; rupture ****************************************** To throw into confusion or disorder: The Purple Revolution is the color code for a planned overthrow of our sovereign nation, America. As George Soros has shared:      “Democracy and open society cannot be imposed from the outside because the principle of sovereignty stands in the way of outside interference…. Admittedly it is difficult to interfere with the internal affairs of sovereign countries, but it is important to face up to the problem.” Irregardless of who won...

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