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#OPMAYFLOWER Takes Direct (BUT NOT FATAL) Hit on Twitter

In retribution to Mayflower’s victory last week, Twitter unleashed the CRACKEN. Cries of ABORT MISSION, ABORT MISSION – were futile against the Crackens strike. That slithering snake sneakingly snuck, wrapped it’s sharp edged tail at the followers. Wove its’ snare silently then tightened the trap, eliminating each one. Over 80,000 profiles were removed by that beast. Almost 100,000 voices that won’t be heard and won’t be seen. But this is nothing but a setback.
Special Thanks to: Tamyra Lynn Murray and John White for their personal testimonies.

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Operation Mayflower 2018: Citizens for Cyber Justice

Operation Mayflower has docked at their projected targets such as CNN, Pope Francis and several political figures so far. Targets are acquired by trending hashtags and relevant parties in news. Targets are given a wide berth of attention from the teams with the swelling of memes on social justice, human trafficking and other related topics meant to inform and potentially red-pill them and those following.

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IVth Generation Warfare: Social Media and MEME Wars of 2016-2018

IVth Generation Warfare: Social Media and MEME Wars of 2016-2018 Written by Peter Huxley Twitter and Facebook are going to be historically recognized as the first examples of open-source, IVth Generation Warfare tools. IVth Gen. Warfare is an admixture of warfare and politics, with blurred distinctions between citizen and soldier, ‘civil’ and ‘trans-national’ warfare, and no physical ‘battle front’. It is ‘Information War’ Twitter serves a different function in the info-war than Facebook. This is obvious, as it operates differently, but since both platforms have been re-purposed and weaponized, it’s interesting to compare them. Facebook is focused on more...

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